About put her forward

put her forward is an artwork by non zero one that recognises living women who have done remarkable things to positively impact the people around them.

At the start of 2018 there were 925 public statues in the UK. 158 of these were of women, and of these only 25 were of non-mythical, non-royal women. There were more statues of people called John. There were more statues of animals. With the help of nominations from the general public we aimed to double the statues of non-mythical, non-royal women in England by September 2018. And thanks to you, we did it!

We received hundreds of nominations from the public for living women who they thought should be recognised for the positive impact they have had on others. 25 incredible women were selected from these nominations, to be 3D scanned and printed into small sandstone figures.

Each new statue was unveiled at locations across England during Heritage Open Day weekends of 6th-9thand 13th-16thSeptember 2018, and most are now on public display across England for everyone to see.

Thanks to your help we have raised the percentage of statues of non-mythical, non-royal women from 2.8% to 5.5%. But we don’t plan to stop there. Check back here or sign up to the non zero one newsletter to find out put her forward updates first.





For more information on the nuts and bolts of put her forward, please take a look at our FAQs.


About Us

non zero one create art experiences where the public is at the heart of the work. We say our work is ‘interactive’ as the choices the public make directly affect the outcome of the final artwork. We’ve made artworks for theatres, art galleries, museums, shopping centres, foyer spaces, even rooftops. In our work you might find yourself filming your own news story, taking a museum artifact, connecting with a perfect stranger or in a changing room wearing a water polo hat… there are no limits to what might happen, or where we might take you.


Heritage Open Days is the country’s largest festival of history and culture, held every September. Led by thousands of individual organisations and volunteers, HODs enables and empowers people from every background to explore, reveal and celebrate the stories that make us who we are. Through a diverse programme of walks, talks, openings, theatrical events and family-friendly activities, HODs welcomed 2.5 million visitors to over 5,500 events in 2017. Free, community-led and growing every year, Heritage Open Days is an increasingly high-profile event in the nation’s cultural calendar. put her forward is a ‘Unsung Stories’ commission made possible by additional support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.