nominations are now closed

Nominations were gathered online or in person at one of our workshops or live nomination gatherings.

To nominate you must have been:

  • Over 18, as we will need to contact you should your woman be selected
  • Able to put us in touch with your nominated woman if they are selected

The woman you nominated must have been:

  • Living
  • Over 18
  • Currently based in England
  • Someone who identifies as a woman

To nominate online we will have asked you for your contact details, who you are nominating, why you are nominating them and what effect you hope your statue will have on people. This could take a bit of time depending on how much detail you’d like to go into, but probably at least 10 minutes.


Glad you made it here.

A place to have your say,

to document,

to put her forward.

You might have come here with someone in mind,

or maybe you need help choosing?

someone who deserves recognition for the things she has done,

for the way she has positively impacted people around her . . .

. . . or maybe she has made a positive impact on you?

She could be invited to be 3D scanned and printed into a figure, unveiled during Heritage Open Days.

So, just before you start typing out her name,

there are some things to consider . . .

Why do you think statues exist?

What are they for?

Are they to celebrate achievements?

To make something visible?

To make sure we never forget?

or to say ‘thank you’?

It’s your nomination.

Tell us why you think this woman should be


made visible?



Just before you nominate...

Your nominee must be:

  • Living
  • Over 18
  • Currently based in England
  • Someone who identifies as a woman

If your nominee is chosen, we will contact you and ask more about the woman you have nominated, as well as how we might get in touch with her

To find out more about what happens after you nominate visit our FAQs.